Michael Pregill

Michael Pregill


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Michael Pregill (B.A. Columbia University 1993; M.T.S. Harvard Divinity School 1997; Ph.D. Columbia University 2007) is the Mizan Project Interlocutor. His primary area of expertise is early Islam, with a specific focus on the Qur’an and its interpretive tradition (tafsīr). Much of his research concerns the reception and interpretation of biblical, Jewish, and Christian themes and motifs in tafsīr and other branches of classical Islamic literature; critical approaches to Islamic origins; and the perception and representation of Jews and Christians in Islamic culture.

Research Interests

Islamic Studies, Religious Studies, Late Antiquity, Qur'anic Studies, Muslim-Jewish Relations, Medieval Islam, Second Temple Judaism, Medieval Islamic History, Syriac Studies, Rabbinics, Syriac Literature